September 02, 2007

"School's out for summer, school's out forever..."

I’ve been waiting for so long for that moment and now at the end of the summer I kind of regret it all came to an end. I was so damn anxious to get rid of some of my class mates (and now I’m so happy it’s all over). But there are and will be things that I miss, like for instance: I’ll be missing my green desk, that enormous teacher’s desk that didn’t actually match the other pieces of furniture, but it was so comfortable to lay on. I’ll forever keep in mind the picture of that bar (!!!) we had in our class room.
I already miss the teachers and those daily funny moments. With who am I going to make up words now, since Maria is moving to Bucharest this fall?...
Yesterday I heard someone saying life’s a wheel and it just keeps spinning. So I guess we’ll all have to move on and discover new things. I’m sure Maria and I will figure something out to diminish this distance between us. This friendship got over so many things, what's one more?