June 20, 2008

"si mie, adica nici mie"

I would write something, but I can’t; diary pages are full. [Nu cred ca am apucat sa-ti multumesc pentru foi.]

I would tell about it, but I ran out o words. [status: invisible]

tag words: useless, unimportant, waste, worthless, fake [multumim pentru atentie, conduceti cu grija]

I would cry, but I can’t find a tissue. Where do they keep it anyway? [Cauti degeaba]

Fuck…the ink was spilt again. [era ultima, nu mai avem. Hai, asculta melodia pana ala capat, fii atent la versuri. Nu inseamna nimic, sunt cuvinte care suna bine, idiotule!]

It’s been raining since forever, but rain washes away nothing, it never did. [ai mai zis asta, mai gaseste dracului expresii noi, nu te-ai plictisit sa te repeti?]

Lasa asta, If I die, will you be at my funeral?

Dressed in red, will you cry for me? Asa cum am promis.

After that, you’ll forget where the grave is, but I will always be there, in your dreams. Pentru ca pot!

I knew this was a game, but I didn’t think I couldn’t play it as well as you do. You did let me lead once… Oh, wait, you kind of forgot to explain the rules. I guess I shouldn’t have met the other players, right? [Nu mai joc, uite, stau pe margine si ma uit, dar daca ma bag din nou, promit ca eu castig]

Dispari, nu te vreau azi!