August 25, 2010

We (often) bleed the same way

Let's say it could happen for you to get cut...quite deep. Afterwards, while bleeding and trying to deal with the pain, you go searching for a bandage (one of those cute ones with smilie faces on them). You quickly apply it on the wound and let's say that does it for a while... at least you'll stop bleeding and prevent an infection. But there comes the time when you need to take the bandage off. It can happen for you to pull it very hard off the wound and you start bleeding again... Only this time you won't be crying because of the pain, but smiling to the scar. Bleeding means you're alive, right? Scars will prevent you from forgetting. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but if it happens, when it happens, it can make you feel so alive, just like a rush of adrenaline.