December 31, 2010

Maybe we're dealing with bad timing again. It might just not be it, our thing, you know... not at this point, not in this place. Maybe 'indoors' is (still) the best alternative we get at this point in time. Maybe the countdown it's not even on yet. Maybe the goddamn clock is defected. Maybe I'm not losing as much as I think I'm losing. Maybe this is the way of it showing me I need to hang in there stronger than I did so far. I'm only gonna lose the things I don't look after. Maybe it's more serious than we think, but maybe it's not. Maybe it's wrong, but what if it's right?

Was there any mistletoe? Was it?... But then, again, too me, that one has proved to be wrong years ago. Years before the worries began.

There sure is a reason why all the leaves of Stockholm have fallen... There must be a reason in everything that (didn't) happened for the past two years, sailor!

Finns det några möjliga sätt på vilket våra vägar någonsin kommer att korsas igen, sjöman?