June 11, 2011

I needed to read this

Today, while surfing Tumblr I found this blog, where I read this post: 

"This man comes into my job almost every day with a free frosty coupon. He’s homeless, and he’s also of the nicest homeless people that come here. He just made me want to hug him when I saw him mixing ice in what was left of his frosty, just to have a bit more. Smh, I’m giving him another free one. This is saddening me, seriously. I went up to him and offered him one, he smiled and said “naahh” I said you sure? Is there anything I can help you with? He laughed and shook his head in a polite way. One of the most humble people to come through here… Every other one is usually rude, and angry. But this man still keeps his joy. This tells me I should never have a reason to frown, if he can still manage to smile."