July 22, 2011

What you want is what you get

I'm tired of hiding like I'm (we're) doing something wrong. I don't want to pretend that I don't care and that I find it easy to let (you) go. Even though I'm not in love with you, I care and I find it quite hard to deal with the idea that I'm not going to see you or be able to speak to you again. You don't have the right to refuse me my memories, after you selfishly insisted we created them!
I don't feel comfortable to put up with your stone cold attitude. I don't even care what you want or I'd better say don't want at this time. I decided that for the time that we got left I'm going to be selfish, as selfish as you used to be when I begged you not to. It doesn't even matter if I'll get bruised out of this, I just want to hold you close, feel your warmth, because this is what will keep me grounded for some time after you'll vanish. 
Then we won't have anything to worry about, we'll just go on with our lives as if we never met...