January 01, 2012

For a few months now she’s made it on my ‘inspirational people’ list.
Why is she special? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you without lying. How she came to my attention? Again, I’d be forced to lie if I were to explain. What does she do? Well, this I think I can tell you. She’s a journalist. At first, out of ignorance, I didn’t even want to pay any attention to her, but forced by the circumstances I eventually had to take a closer look at her work. I found it hard to admit that I liked what she did and most of all, that I admired somehow the way she did her job. I then did some digging to see if I could find out more about her career and how she acceded. I wasn’t able to find out as much I’d liked to, but sure I found enough. So, without even realizing it, I started to feel inspired by her. I must tell you that I never stood in front of her, or got the chance to speak with her. I have this strange fear of initiating verbal contact with the people I admire.
I only knew her through her articles and through some photographs… One day it came to my mind that she’s so perfect. I don’t think I ever said that before about someone else. But lately she motivates me to work harder, to take chances. She’s very different from what I am and I know that I could never be as good as she is (in this small world we both live in)… or may be who knows? I’m still young enough my time is not up yet. But digging into her professional past I could find out that by the time she was my age she had done so many things, she had climbed important steps in her career. It is also true that there were other times and perhaps she had more opportunities than I now have. But, then again, I must repeat myself and say that I can’t compare myself to her, since she’s so very different. All I can do it take her example and make the best of it.
The reason why I decided to write about her today, even though in the past year I was in denial of admiring her or having any interest in her, is that today I realized she isn’t that perfect.
She doesn’t always have that porcelain doll look, she also cries, even though she’s one of the toughest women I know of. She yearns for love, she makes mistakes… she’s not perfect, but she’s something better: she’s optimistic! (…)