May 31, 2012

Today I liked this link on a Facebook wall, but truth is dog days are far from over. For the past two weeks I've been sipping literally buckets of coffee, bitter from all the sadness and stress I've been dealing with. My daymares feed my nightmares and viceversa. I'm so afraid of not finding the inner strength to make plans come true and moreover... some days I miss him so much, I don't know if I'm gonna make it.

When people ask you at 18 where do you see yourself at 24, you come up with a shiny bright future plan. But it seems that the work you've put in wasn't enough and you find yourself, at 24, looking in a mirror, much older than you thought you'd be, with less achievements than you would have expected and suddenly you lose the last ray of hope you were keeping and you feel forced to give up. Isn't it awkward to feel that your life is over at 24 years of age and all because you weren't able to make the right decisions for yourself?