July 10, 2012

Can't find what I'm looking for

I still tremble
I still WAIT
I'm still insecure

...but baby, I'm not looking for the easy path, I'm looking for the right path.

It's been two years almost now and I still haven't got any  achievements. I'm still crawling through this pile of mud trying to get a short glimpse at the sky. I don't care if the sky is cloudy, on the contrary, I like it so. But just let me see the sky! 
The issue is that I don't seem to figure out what's preventing me from actually seeing the sky... is it me or the others? 
Today I whispered to myself that in order to achieve what you want you ought to get up and do something about it... Cut your way through.
I always believed I was somewhat defective and that's not entirely false. But I don't seem to overcome my fears and anxieties. I don't even know what miracle I'm waiting for day by day, since I agree that life it's all about the journey.

...I just wish that I could figure out some place I belong, find some people that I'm somewhat comfortable with...

*"wishful thinking", he said.