January 02, 2013

The warm weather before the apocalypse

No one actually gives a damn about your New Year's resolutions. The same way no one really cares about your issues and sorrows, most of them are just curious and perhaps even happy you're in trouble. 

I realized that for the past four or five years I have been in love with a bunch of sticks... sticks that break my bones every time I kiss you.

Ever noticed how love/romance tends to get in your way when you plan to do something great about your (other) life? No? Oh, well, then that's just me I guess.

I didn't go out to replace a lover, I just went out there to find casual friends. I blame you for the way that turned out.

Thank you for thinking so much about me when you're away. That must be really tough for you... 

It must be some kind of unwritten/unspoken rule that before their seventh anniversary lovers and soul mates  only receive bitter moons.