April 28, 2013

Things to keep in mind *meanwhile*

There are times in your life when you simply lose yourself and there seems to be no way out of the cave you’ve been trapped in. But as one thing is certain about life, everything changes and nothing, good or bad, lasts forever. Light will eventually come through.

If you can’t walk, you crawl, if you don’t feel the earth beneath your feet anymore and you feel like you’re drowning in sorrow… you must learn how to swim. There’s a first time for everything, no matter how strange things get or how impossible they may seem. You should never forget the things that brought you joy and never ignore the people who love you. 

Hell was never a dark place and you can always choose your path on bright daylight. Assume your choice and make the best of what’s been given to you. But for the record, you should NEVER even think of biting or eating human flesh. You won’t always be this low, but if you do, there’ll be a ghost you won’t be able to remove from your blood. 

People aren’t always kind and angels aren’t always good. Just stay human and don’t allow the overwhelming wave to ride you. Instead, do it the other way around. In the end, life is what you make of it and don’t worry, child, there’s a time for everything.