May 28, 2016

Things to do on a rainy day

Where I come from it doesn’t always rain, but when it does, it pours! In fact, I love rainy weather. From the rainy leaden sky to the summery thunderstorm I love it all! I love walking out in the heavy rain with no umbrella ella ella e e e e! I love the smell of the grass recently kissed by the drain drops… It all gives me such a powerful feeling of inner peace and a state of joy. I don’t really care about the silver linings because “I’m only happy when it rains… I’m only happy when it’s complicated…” I am actually. But since annoying stuff like pneumonia are stopping me from wandering the street while the rain is pouring, I made a list of fun things to do indoor while waiting for the sun to come out again. 

Read a book
I bet you all saw that one coming. Well, yeah, I like to lit my lavender scented candle by the bed and just get cozy with a good read while I listen to the thunderstorm outside. I usually have my eternal cup of dark coffee with me also and it helps me get in a relaxing mood. 

Have a hot bubbly bath
Well, yes… in fact, rainy weather is usually cold weather so why not get a warm or even hot bath for a full relaxation. It’s also one of my favorite things to do while it’s raining outside. I like to just sit in my bath tub, listen to music and enjoy the warmth. You can also bring your book with you or your tablet if you’re sure you won’t drop them into the water. Well, it happens.
Start a DIY project
Oh my God! I love DIY and getting all crafty with all sorts of things. I love spray painting things, I love sewing stuff, gluing all kinds of materials to build something… I just love getting all creative and I suffer when I can’t find the time to work any DIY project or I don’t find the materials I need. Lately, while it rains outside I like to stay indoor and craft yoga silk bracelets. It’s like my new obsession. 
Mmmmyeah… that doesn’t sound like fun so much, but I become fond of it. I spend a lot of time sitting around a desk in front of a computer and I get this urge for running a few miles, jumping a fence, climbing a tree, or just do a little stretching… It gets boring when you have to spend a day in because of the bad weather and if you don’t want to get sleepy or anything,  I recommend you exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at least. I guarantee it will be worth it, ‘cause I’ve tried it!

Bake a cake
I just sent you to exercise earlier and now I’m corrupting you to fill up with something sweet. Don’t worry, you are worth it! Google some new cake recipe that is easy to do with just 5 or 6 ingredients that you already have in your kitchen and get busy! 
Have a movie marathon
I bet many of you will fancy this one best of all. I personally love getting cozy in my bed, with my blanket and my laptop and watch my favorite all time movies or some new ones or I like to catch up with the latest episodes of my favorite series since I don’t always find the time to watch them during week day…or nights. It might be just my guilty pleasure, but I like to keep my popcorn bowl or my chips bag close by when I’m watching movies.

Pamper yourself
When outside is raining I think it’s an excellent idea to bring out your face masks and body scrubs and have “the beauty session” you know you deserve. Sure, have your own spa day in the comfort of your home. It will make you forget all about the bad weather outside and when the sun comes out it won’t be the only thing shining bright out there if you know what I mean!